Monday, 29 November 2010

Holy Shit What Is This Cold

What with me being from the North 'n stuff, there seems to be a general consensus that I should be used to the cold, because the North is a cold, dreary place and we've all evolved over time to eat plenty of fried stuff so that we've got blubber to get us through the harsh winter nights.

To a mild extent this could be true. I would postulate, however, that the North West, where I live, is actually not that cold. Not compared to Cambridge at least. Sure, we can average out at over 290 days of precipitation a year (ie. it's fucking wet) but generally that means that there's lots of clouds which stops it getting stupidly cold. We also don't have this ridiculous arctic wind that swirls around Cambridge freezing your condensing breath to your own face.

When I'm outside I do generally seem to have more tolerance to the cold than others, and I can apparently get by with fewer layers, but I put this down more to my ability to harden the fuck up than anything else. But I am a scrawny, skinny little shit, despite my diet of chocolate and fried stuff (occasionally combining the two because deep-fried Mars bars are EPIC), and I do sort of have limits.

The Cam freezing over is one of those limits. It's been a bit chilly the last couple of weeks, but things properly cranked up a few days ago. It was fucking cold this weekend, as I found out spending five hours sat in a boat on the Cam on Saturday, and it's still fucking cold. I woke up this morning to open my curtains and find snow everywhere. Standing somewhat against popular opinion, I really don't like snow. There are acceptable places for snow, like on mountains and in small plastic globes, but pavements and roads that I have to walk and cycle on aren't fucking one of them. Snow is even number 33 on my list of things that piss me the fuck off.

I appreciate that other people might have it colder. I appreciate that actually this weekend Cambridge is far south enough to have mild temperatures compared to Wales and Yorkshire (people in Canada who can boast below -30°C on a regular basis don't count - you guys should just sodding live somewhere else). However, you guys aren't students in Cambridge and therefore you're not expected to just function as normal despite there being snow and ice everywhere. The joy of snow is massively reduced when school isn't cancelled, and you're still expected to attend lectures and cycle 2.5 miles to get to your supervisions.

Really I'm just hoping that we're using up snow quota for the year. It's only November for christ's sake, it shouldn't be this bad. If it means we get a milder February (because yes, weather totally works like that) then cool, but if this is just the sign of things to come then FML I'm getting some studded bike tyres.

In non-bitch-snow-related stuff, the Tetris Open Championship thing draw is up, and I've been seeded 29th. The way things are looking I've got a decent shot of getting into the final 32 (assuming I can beat HD_larry, which might be tough), but I doubt I'm going to be able to get into the top 16, because it'd require me beating 4th seed, Hebo_Mai, and she (?) is pretty fucking epicly fast. I would get slaughtered playing against her even when I was playing regularly, let alone coming back from a 12-month hiatus. First match is Sunday 5pm PST, which works out around 1am on Monday morning here. Given lectures will have finished and I'll hopefully have no reason to be up early on Sunday or Monday, I should still be awake and not too tired by the time the match rolls around.


  1. lol hebo_mai is a guy
    i think you'll do fine against larry

  2. lol yeah, I've realised that since then :P