Saturday, 13 November 2010

Procrastination Is A Bitch

First project of the year is over, and I think it's the first time ever that I've had something like that and worked so close to the deadline. We had like three weeks to do it, and I handed mine in at 1am on Thursday, with the deadline being 9am Thursday. It was actually originally 9am Wednesday before it got shifted back a day, which I was pretty damn fucking happy about, given it actually gave me enough time to get stuff finished.

It was a pretty stressful and crappy handful of days, and once I'd handed in the project, my first thought was "never again". For the next one I'd get shit done ahead of time. I wouldn't leave it to the last minute, I wouldn't have to rush, I'd get it done ahead of time and everything would be dandy. Thing is, this is clearly bullshit. It's the exact same deal as hangovers.

You drink too much, you get stupidly smashed, say really retarded things to people, do some very idiotic stuff, throw up a lot and then you wake up the next day and, as you suppress your stomach's attempts to drag all of your organs outside your body, you make the resolution that it will never happen again. No more shall copious amounts of alcohol pass your lips and leave you in such a ridiculous state.

And then a week later someone asks you if you want to go to the pub, and you say yes, and you end up wankered.

While you're in the throes of agony it's quite easy to make the promise, but it's pretty damn easy to be lured by prospects of fun and forget all about it. Procrastination on huge projects is the same. For every project I do I will find ways to pointlessly fritter away time, and I will almost certainly never learn my lesson because that's just how shit goes.

The basic problem I have links into the procrastination cycle:
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The fact is, I never had just project to do. I always had the project and a ton of other shit that needed to be done sooner and so always took priority. And then once I'd done that I felt like I'd cleared enough of my to-do list to not bother doing anything else (such as make a start on the project).

I actually gave myself a week to do it, which should have been an adequate amount of time. And it would have been, easily, if I'd had the whole week. What I didn't really bank on, but should have done, was the fact I'd spend a whole day in Ely with my parents, a whole day recovering from Uni Fours dinner with a massive hangover, and a whole day in Derby at a Rolls-Royce factory. With my seven days reduced down to four, it suddenly became much more of a pain in the ass to try and make the deadline easily.

Speaking of Uni Fours, it turns out that winning the Women's Second Division does warrant medals, and they are fucking nice medals

Apologies to anyone who has already heard plenty about the fucking nice medals we got, but it's by far the most impressive thing I've ever won for something related to sport, so I'm pretty chuffed to bits with it. Probably not as nice as the medals for the rowing World Champs, which I've not been following on account of aforementioned project and also the fact that it's in New Zealand so the races are on at daft times in the middle of the night, but still I think one of the better things to win at college-level rowing, especially given that blades are fucking expensive.

I've actually got a fair bit of work to do this weekend, given that I've been putting off supervision work all week to get the project finished, but it feels like an amount that should be fairly easily manageable. Plus coxing is winding down a little now I'm basically subbing in to WI when Will is busy, so I have the opportunity to actually sleep for sensible lengths of time. Or at least, I do for about a week or so and then there'll be the first deliverables deadline for the major project of the year (which won't end until June), and I'll be back to trying to hold myself together. Still, we're in week 6 now, so there's only three more weeks and then it'll be the Christmas vacation and I can maybe wind it down to a few hours of work a day...

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