Monday, 22 November 2010

Tetris... We Meet Again

As a fair few people probably know, I'm pretty shit-hot at Tetris. And not in your standard "oh I can set the rocket off on the GameBoy" pretender Tetris prodigy style. I mean some proper fucking skill. Those douchebags who claim Tetris excellence can't maintain speeds of three pieces per second (linked video doesn't show that, but meh, I can do it I swear).

That was all well and good for fucking up my childhood when I could have been out getting good at sports and talking to girls, but I got bored of it. [As an aside, to set the record straight, I didn't actually pour that many hours a week into it, maybe three or four at most - I just played it regularly for several years and had some natural talent.]
Anyway, I got bored with TGM. Or at least, it wasn't as magical as it used to be, and breaking records just seemed like a horrific slog for very little reward, and the fact it was taking me months to break records and demonstrate real improvement just ceased to pique my interest any more. So, about 8 months ago, I announced my retirement from the world of hardcore Tetris. I've still kept playing TGM off an on, but I no longer really care for my own records and beating them. I'd like to get Death Gm (and I came SO FUCKING CLOSE to it yesterday D:) and all that shit, but I can't really see it happening any time soon without aeons of pain and frustration, and so I've stopped giving a shit.

That was until the sponsored Hard Drop tournament caught my attention. It's still got a week to run on the entry, and it's already past 200 entrants, with some pretty big names in there. What I've really come to realise is that I wasn't bored with Tetris, I was bored with TGM. The thing was, at the time there wasn't really a stable multiplayer scene that really offered a decent alternative. I was running a league that had marginal success, and there were a handful of players on Blockbox, but there wasn't a really strong, coherent multiplayer scene to offer a proper option outside of the arcade scene.

I think the main issue was there was a lack of a decent official Tetris game for the PC. The fanmade ones aren't mainstream, and they probably never will be, and as a result they won't really get the same buzz as the other games do. I don't really want to be one of the best at something that only a handful of people really play, because I don't really see the worth in devoting my time to that. Back 6-12 months ago, Tetris Friends was a pile of shit. It's still for the most part a pile of shit, but it's dragged itself up enough to at least offer proper potential for competitive play. It's laggy, combos are stupidly overpowered (apparently that's being fixed soon), and it uses SRS which I'm so not used to with a keyboard, but it'll do.

So what is this post? This is me announcing that I am no longer retired, and I am going to return for this tournament and kick some fucking ass. Well, probably not too much ass, because I'm still rusty as fuck on account of having not really seriously played multiplayer Tetris in over a year. But still, from the games I've played in the last few days I reckon I can put in a decent show and maybe get top 32 or top 16 if I'm lucky. I'm going to get myself back into the top tier of players, and I'm going to reclaim my title of fastest UK player from no-name douchebags like Paul676 (just kidding dude, nothing personal ;P). Actually, I probably won't bother with the fastest player title because 40 lines is frustrating, painful on the wrists, and ultimately it is boring as fuck. So keep your shitty 40 lines title :|

And aside from that? I don't really know. I'll probably still keep playing TGM, but I'm pretty sure that I'm defecting and placing my main focus on multiplayer. TGM4 isn't going to get released; the series is pretty much dead, and I'm not really motivated to put any more time into it. The VS scene on the other hand could really grow over the next couple of years, and it feels far more worthwhile. Plus multiplayer matches are ultimately fun for me, and TGM has sort of lost everything other than that offline time-killing aspect.

I might switch back from time to time. Mostly because I get shit to inspire me, like the latest KAN video (which is actually like two years old, and just unseen footage until now)

That video is some amazing shit. Not really in a way that a non-Tetris player can appreciate fully, but really, I watched that and was amazed. Not only is he fucking quick, but his placement style is so impressive and efficient. And then of course there's KAN's typical ability to be able to see the pieces in the credit roll despite them being completely invisible. I can safely say that I will never be that good at TAP, no matter how much I play.

I'm also reconsidering starting the league again now that there'd be some proper strength and competitiveness to it. I might also set up a clan ladder system, given that there are definitely starting to be enough players for clans, and they're forming on HD, but as of yet there doesn't seem to be any proper competition structure in place for them.

That'd mean TC would need a clan, because sod representing anything else (except TEC, obviously, but they don't really have the players other than KS and maybe Blah). As much as I might be jaded with TGM right now, TC is and shall always be the best community, and we should show it by diversifying a little bit and having some epic players for VS as well as just TGM.

Kevin, Amnesia, all the other people who feel they've achieved all they can in the soon-to-be-dead series that is TGM. Come join me on the dark side, and together we can rule the Tetris universe (though not as father and son - that'd just be fucking weird)


  1. Damn, if only this multiplayer epiphany didn't come to you. ;)