Wednesday, 3 November 2010

University Fours - Prologue

My crew's Uni IVs races are tomorrow, preceded by a crew meal this evening, which was pretty awesome aside from the minor deranged tramp attack on the way back (which, in the long run, just served to make it more entertaining).

Token motivational rowing INCHES:

It's hugely over-posted (I blame you Krit), but it still does the job. Though maybe it should be changed to CENTIMETRES given we don't live in the US or before the 1960s.

Last year University Fours was something of a defining moment for me as a cox. I learned so much coxing the second men's four, with Craig at stroke, compared to my meagre amount of experience coxing the WIII boat for May bumps. That and the rudder fell off during our first race, and I still managed to bring the boat to the finish and we won. I was absolutely shitting myself before the first race, contemplating how horrific it would be if I crashed the boat (having watched Jesus MI hilariously do it the day before). The worst case happened, we had a skilled push off the bank from Ed Saunders when the rudder went and we initially crashed, but we pulled through and won, and from that my confidence improved quite a bit. I still get nervous before races, but I at least have the knowledge that when things take a turn for the worst I can still keep some semblance of control.

I'm really looking forward to the women's format. The men's format is more interesting than a pure time-trial head race, but it's still not particularly thrilling. Not compared to proper side-by-side racing at least. Given that it's the only time we ever get to properly race two boats abreast on the Cam (aside from during Segs Day) I'm really looking forward to it, and I intend to enjoy it regardless of how we do.

Looking at the draw, Clare WII are apparently not that amazing (though I don't necessarily trust that this is the case), and if we beat them we'll possibly end up against Jesus WI. I don't really know why there's a first boat in the second division, because it seems to defeat the point of a second division somewhat, and I'll be a bit pissed off if we end up losing to them. I really want to win tomorrow, but I'll take gracious defeat if I have to, though there'll be bitterness if we lose to a first boat purely because we shouldn't be racing against them, and I'm curious to why they've got dispensation to put a first boat into the lower division. If your first boat is shit, then you should just race and lose in the first division, not degrade yourself into a category you have a chance of winning.

I don't really have a decent measure of how quick we'll be tomorrow, but I'd like to think we've at least got a fairly good chance of doing well, and it'd be absolutely awesome if we could win and take the medals for it.

In other news, some douchebag added Robot Unicorn Attack to Facebook. It was addictive enough without having friend leaderboards and all that crap to just add extra incentive to beat your highscore. I have project deadlines to meet dammit.

Speaking of project deadlines, my parents are up this weekend, which really isn't going to help with the MET design project. Hopefully I can squeeze in time to do it around them being here, but it could be a very hectic Sunday, Monday and Tuesday trying to finish it in time, given I'll be spending the entirety of Saturday in Ely with my parents and won't really have time to work on it. There's also the Uni IVs dinner on Sunday, and a trip to the Rolls Royce factory in Derby on Tuesday. The deadline is 9am on Wednesday, so I guess there's always the option of an all-nighter on Tuesday evening and just missing lectures on Wednesday if I really need the time to get it finished.
Otherwise, I just really need to get a fucking shift on and stop faffing over it.

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