Monday, 6 December 2010


Finally term is over, and I actually have free time to get some stuff done! Or apparently not. Because sure, I don't have lectures now or course work (that's a lie - I've totally got a huge project to hand in when we get back in January), but I do have Malcolm in the Middle to watch, and a Civ IV game running with Nick. Both of which are far more compelling and take up far more time than lectures and examples sheets ever could.

Really I've not got that much stuff to get done anyway. I need to write up a constitution for the mahjong soc to get it registered, and I've got a fair bit of fansubbing things to get through (which I'm making not-terrible headway on to be fair), and then I need to organise the various messy piles of lecture notes scattered around me room into a folder, and then I am pretty much done with chores to do.

The whole massacre-asking-Audia-out-fail quote got on the front page of Reddit again, which is minor lol, and I like how it's my line that always gets used for the title. It annoys me a little that the short version is what Daz stuck up on (where it is currently the best rated quote) because I think the long version is also fairly amusing:

<massacre> Rosti, can I ask you something as a close friend?
<Rosti_LFC> you could ask me something as a complete stranger, but go ahead
<massacre> Do you reckon Emma would go out with me if I asked her?
<Rosti_LFC> errr....
<Rosti_LFC> ask her yourself?
<massacre> no fucking way until I get a second opinion
<Daz> dude she's in the channel
<massacre> no she isn't
<Rosti_LFC> yeah she is mate, look up
<Rosti_LFC> she got op'd yesterday
<massacre> fuck
<massacre> PLAN B
<massacre> spam the channel
<massacre> with text
<massacre> so it goes
<Audia> hi
<massacre> off her scrollback
<Rosti_LFC> ahaha
<massacre> FUCK
* massacre has quit (PLAN C!!!)
<Audia> I'm going to go install Windows 7 right now
<Audia> so I'll be offline for a bit
<Audia> if he gets the balls to come back in here in the meantime tell him the answer is yes
<Rosti_LFC> rofl
* Audia has quit (QUIT)
<Rosti_LFC> that was some hardcore nerd courtship ritual right there
<Daz> Oh man, I wish I could fuck up asking a girl out that badly and still succeed
<HarmoNicks> that was pretty epicly lol
<Daz> right guys
<Daz> my brothers
<Daz> I want you to make a pact with me
<Daz> That none of you says anything if he comes back before she does
<Daz> Because I'd feel bad if I left such an opportunity to fuck with him pass
<HarmoNicks> I see where this is goign
<HarmoNicks> *going
<Daz> >;)
<HarmoNicks> you going to pose as her?
* Daz awards 10 points to HarmoNicks
* Daz is now known as Audia
<Rosti_LFC> dude, he'll know from the hostmask
<Rosti_LFC> it'll be like the first thing he checks
<Daz> ah, true
<HarmoNicks> plus if emms gets back and sees you posing as her she'll tear you a new one
* Audia is now known as Daz
<Daz> well you guys still stfu
<Daz> I can stil do stuff with this

... 10 minutes later ...

<Rosti_LFC> wb massacre
<massacre> ;________________________;
<HarmoNicks> I was expecting you'd be gone for longer
<massacre> I got bored smashing my head against the wall
<massacre> I feel so fucking stupid
<massacre> what did she say when I left?
<Daz> <Audia> I'm going to go install Windows 7 right now
<Daz> <Audia> so I'll be offline for a bit
<Daz> <Audia> actually, I'm so fucking embarrassed I'll probably stay away for a while
<massacre> :(((
<Daz> <Audia> if he gets the balls to come back in here in the meantime tell him I don't think I can even face him again
<HarmoNicks> :((( indeed
<Rosti_LFC> woah, harsh
<massacre> waahhhh fuck
<massacre> last time I ever fucking ask you anything Rosti_LFC
<Rosti_LFC> yeah, my bad
<Rosti_LFC> totally should have told you to fuck off and that you couldn't ask me anything
<Daz> don't feel too bad mate
<Daz> I'm just fucking wit ya
<massacre> wat?
<Daz> <Audia> I'm going to go install Windows 7 right now
<Daz> <Audia> so I'll be offline for a bit
<Daz> <Audia> if he gets the balls to come back in here in the meantime tell him the answer is yes
<massacre> oh FUCK YOU
<massacre> CHRIST
<Daz> ahahaha
<Daz> you love me really mate :)
<massacre> D:<
<massacre> I don't
<massacre> but to be honest it has just sunk in and I don't care :)
<HarmoNicks> GOOD END
<massacre> girlfriend GET! :D
<HarmoNicks> bets on how long before this gets put on bash?
<Daz> ahaha, way ahead of you
<Daz> like 15 minutes ahead
<massacre> christ I hate you
<massacre> I'm filled with so much joy and rage simultaneously I don't now what to do
<massacre> It's hard to scowl and grin at the same time
<massacre> still, who cares
* massacre has a girlfriend :D

For the record, they had their year anniversary a couple of months ago. No fucking clue how it's lasted that long.

Another awesome thing I saw on the internet yesterday, courtesy of Nick Owen, was a fan-made trailer for the Green Lantern. I'd already seen the official one, but this one was pretty awesome:

None of the stuff he's done in AFX is particularly impressive, but I think he's done a pretty awesome job with the clips he's thrown together and it must have taken a fair bit of work to collect them all and collate them together. I also absolutely the concept of Nathan Fillion playing the lead, just because Nathan Fillion is FUCKING AWESOME and Castle and Firefly are two of the best TV series ever.

And while we're on the topic of people who are FUCKING AWESOME, a video from James Rolfe (aka AVGN) that I first saw years ago, but watched again with Nick last night, showing just how epic Jackie Chan is

As a final thing, my first Tetris tournament match was last night, and was reasonably anti-climactic because my opponent didn't show up, so I got a bye. His stats didn't look that amazing so I was hoping to whitewash him anyway, but it would have been nice to have at least played a competitive game. My second round game should also be pretty easy, and I've played against HR_larry, who is my third round opponent, and he's a decent player, but I'm fairly confident I can win that match. Still working out how the fuck I'm going to not get destroyed against Hebo Mai though.

So, looking forward to Christmas and New Years, and it's hopefully going to be a fun few weeks. Most of the Frostii projects should also un-stall now that I'm free, because I can confidently shout at people to get shit done, knowing that when it gets to me I won't be busy and end up stalling it and being a massive hypocrite.

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