Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fuck My Life Is Average

This is something of a Things That Piss Me The Fuck Off, except that these are all fairly temporary things that are pissing me off right now, rather than stuff that just annoys me in general.

My Room Light

My room in college only has a single fluorescent light in the ceiling, and it's currently broken. Not only is it currently broken, but it has been for over a fucking week, and despite me filing a maintenance report within five minutes of it dying on me, it's still not been fixed.

College does fucking weird things to us. If a light breaks at home, I'd just replace the bulb (actually, that's a lie - I wait for my dad to replace the bulb, but if he wasn't around I'd totally do it myself). Here however I just file a maintenance report and then bemoan when it takes the maintenance people OVER A FUCKING WEEK TO CHANGE A LIGHT. I probably couldn't even do it myself either, because the ceiling is a pretty high ceiling, and it's not a standard fluorescent bulb that I can just buy at a convenience store. It's also got a weird cover over it and I'm not sure how it comes off.

What also pisses me off is that it's fluorescent, and therefore doesn't just not turn on when I flip the switch. It turns on after about five seconds, stays on for half a second, goes off again, and then repeats this. Every time I walk into my room I flip the switch, and then get met with epilepsy-inducing flickering until I turn it back off. Currently I'm having to light my entire room from a shitty 60W desk lamp in the corner. Fucking pain in the arse.


Because it's still bloody cold. It's apparently minus two Celsius right now, and I'm writing this post at 1pm. What the fuck.

I Broke My Glasses

Yesterday as I bent down to tie my laces, my glasses fell off my face. I picked them up and bent the frames slightly to tighten them a little, as I do fairly frequently, and in doing so snapped one of the arms off. Meaning I now have the option of wearing the glasses which I have poorly attempted to fix with sellotape (and which still fall off my face), being moderately blind, or wearing the contact lenses I have. I've gone with the contact lenses option, which is fine aside from the fact that I hardly ever wear them, and when I do it'll just be for going out in the evening or something, and as a result my eyes are objecting pretty fucking strongly to having them in for 16 hours straight.
I guess there's a positive in that I've already got a trip to the opticians scheduled for 24th December (because my mother is crazy and has no issue with booking appointments for me on Christmas Eve), so I can at least cough up an extortionate amount of money and get some new frames in a couple of weeks, but it's going to be a fair pain in the ass until then.

My CUED Password

I got an email from the Engineering Dept yesterday evening informing me that my password for the computing system is going to expire in four weeks. What really makes it a pain is the paragraph that followed that:

If you have not changed the password in 4 weeks your Central Engineering Department Computing account will be suspended, and you will need to go to the Engineering Department Computer Operators in person with photographic identification to set a new password before you can access the system again.

See, I'm not planning on going to the Engineering department in the next four weeks. For just over three of those weeks I won't even be in Cambridge given it's outside of term. So I'll have to toddle off to the department at some point this week just to change my password so that I'm not locked out of the computing system when I get back after Christmas. I could ssh in and change it, but I've tried it before and it's a complete faff to install all the stuff and get it working, and I never use ssh for anything.

It's fucking stupid I even need to change my password in the first place. I don't think I even have access to anything remotely worth keeping secure. And even if I did, having to change passwords on a 12-month cycle is fucking stupid anyway. How the hell does that do anything to increase the security of the system? If I'm changing my password every few weeks, then sure, it means I'm not likely to use main passwords that can be stolen from other things, and even if they are stolen they won't be valid for long, but how exactly does an annual password change work with that? If someone's stolen my password then they'll most likely have had several months to do whatever with it, and changing it now isn't likely to help that much.

I don't even fucking use the CUED computers that much anyway any more, because I spend more time at the IfM or working in my room. I'm apparently going to be at the IfM for all of next term, so I'm not even sure if it's worth changing my password because I don't know if I'm ever going to use the system again. I just know that if I do need to use the system again and can't because I don't have a password, then I'll be massively pissed off at the huge amount of faff I'll have to go through just to do whatever most-likely-trivial thing I need the computers for.

TC and c_t

Don't even really have much to say here. Just wtf and why is it that TC admins seem to get infected with a disease that over time makes them prone to random outbursts of being FUCKING RETARDED AND CRAZY followed by ragequitting.

Fansubbing Stalls

Mostly stalling on Rainbow, because other projects are old/slow and there's not so much leecher bitching that we're not getting the releases out quickly. I'd put it entirely down to the leecher bitching that I'm pissed off, but the stalling itself does genuinely annoy me regardless of whether leechers complain about it or not. I've found time and motivation to get my shit done, and it'd be nice if other people on the project did the same, life issues aside. I feel it reflects badly on me when stuff gets released epicly slowly, and it does irritate me.

People asking when the next episode is going to be released are OK, but people just complaining that the next episode is taking too long can fuck off.You guys don't know any circumstances to why things might be slow, and you all seem to act like we have the episode completely ready and then we just sit around, deliberately not releasing it so that we can piss people off. We are, for the most part, working as fast as we can within the confines of not being paid for any of this and having a job/education outside of fansubs.

If you want proper right to moan at people for being slow, then stop being a leecher, join a group and fucking do some shit yourself. It's not like there aren't decent groups recruiting new staff. AFK isn't that hard to learn, and any monkey can time if they are prepared to take two minutes to learn how to do it. QC isn't that hard either providing you can proofread fairly well or are prepared to put a fair bit of time into it.

And Rainbow is a fucking shite series anyway. You guys are lucky we've not dropped it just for being an excessively melodramatic and formulaic pile of crap.


  1. Annnnnd breathe.

    Seriously, sit down, have a cup of tea and a biscuit :-)

    Do love the ranting though!

  2. Cups of tea are going strong, but I've run out of biscuits and didn't bother stocking up because it was the end of term. Definitely an error in hindsight.

  3. Go any buy some bourbons. Eat them. Rinse and repeat.