Sunday, 12 December 2010


Back home for the next five weeks or so. Back where I can relax, and where I don't have to go outside because all my shopping and cleaning and general stuff is done for me. It's dangerous to get into the lifestyle of doing fuck-all on a daily basis, because it's not like I don't have any work to do over the vacation, but I think I'll try it out for a few days at least and then get cracking on work. That said, I've not even bothered to unpack yet except for stuff that I've actually directly needed in the last 24 hours (toothbrush etc), so I should probably start with that.

The problem with not doing work is that it's FUCKING AWESOME and the whole "meh I'll do it tomorrow" point of view is so fucking easy. I don't even bother with putting shit off until tomorrow. I just put shit off until later the same day, and then keep doing that until it becomes 9pm and I figure it's too late to bother doing anything any more.

While Christmas is fairly crap holiday in itself, now that I'm not an easily excited 12 year old, I'm still looking forward to it a fair bit. Just the nostalgia of the decorations, and being at home with people. Having the whole family round, people having too much to drink and then the evening descending into a ton of bickering and shouting... there's some strange appeal to it. Plus I get to sit around and eat far too much, and that's always a good thing.

I've got my 2nd round Tetris match this evening, again at 1am, and from chatting with my opponent it seems like I might actually get to play this time, rather than having an automatic bye. It should still be a fairly easy game judging from the seedings, but after watching some of the games yesterday I'm definitely not taking it for granted. There are definitely some awesome-yet-poorly-seeded players out there. There are also quite a few who I reckon will be pretty formidable if they keep playing and hone their skills a little bit. The later rounds are definitely going to be interesting.

I've almost finished a Tetris VS guide I started over a year ago, and then got bored with and never finished, but have recently made work on again. I'll probably release it on here and then cross-link to it on HD and TC, we'll see. Depends how much effort I want to put into adding diagrams and fumen stuff, because it's far easier to format shit on here than it is in a forum post.

It's also almost a year now since I switched over from LJ and started this proper blog, and I may commemorate it in some way, but currently I can't think of one I can do particularly well so I might not bother. Anniversaries are fairly arbitrary anyway.

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