Saturday, 18 December 2010

So... Much... Snow...

I went climbing at Awesome Walls in Liverpool with my uncle last night. As I left the house it was snowing a fair bit, and I walked to the train station in about half an inch of snow. When I got to Sandhills, there was nothing on the ground. We went climbing for about four hours (I could ramble on here about how fucking brilliant Awesome Walls is compared to any other indoor climbing centre I've ever been to, but that's somewhat off-topic).

So we get outside into the car park, and find the cars in the car park are buried under a good three or four inches of snow, which was a bit surprising. It's sort of weird to go outdoors, having not seen anything outside for several hours, and find things are completely not how they were when you last saw them.

My uncle gave me a lift home from Liverpool, which I have to say is possibly the most terrifying experience I've ever had in a car. We were driving through fairly thick snow and ice, with very little grip, and he was going pretty damn fast (for the conditions) and just cutting through all the traffic. When we got a bit closer to Ormskirk there was a ton of traffic backed up on Northway as cars had presumably failed to get up Holborn hill, or had accidents on the roundabouts or something. So we took an off-road route through Aughton instead.

This then meant we got stuck outside Town Green, behind a few cars that couldn't get up the tiny hill leading to Prescot Road. To be fair, the snow was epicly thick by now, probably about five or six inches, and it was packed to ice underneath on the road. We spent about twenty minutes getting this woman in a Vauxhall Corsa moving. Her front wheels were just spinning like crazy whenever she used the accelerator. Once we'd cleared the road and got moving again, and after an epic sideways moment crossing the railway bridge on Prescot Road, I finally got home.

I don't live in the countryside; I live in suburbs between Liverpool, Preston and Manchester. I'd expect this sort of epic level of snowfall maybe in the Cambridgeshire Fens, but not here. I'm pretty sure that I've never seen this amount of snow (around 8-10 inches) in my entire life, let alone falling in the space of maybe six hours at most. It's crazy. I'm not surprised the game at Anfield today has been called off

So, rather than just rambling OMG THE SNOW, and adding to the plethora of hype on Facebook, Twitter and the like, some pictures (click for full-res):

That pedestal thing with a snow-cake on it is our bird-bath.
It turns out it's actually pretty useful for gauging snowfall.

Definitely glad that I don't have anywhere to be for the next few days :P

That is eleven inches. Measured at various points around the garden, and it seems to all be between nine and eleven inches, except for bits where it's drifted up against the house and stuff.


  1. we got about two meters. this is precious!

  2. Which is why I don't live in areas of the world such as Canada where the weather is retarded :P

    Plus epic snowfall isn't so bad when people are used to it, have learned how to cope with it, and the infrastructure is in place to deal with it. People don't have snow chains for their tyres, there are very few snowploughs, etc. I don't have anything like the clothing to comfortably be outside in temperatures below -10°C because as far as I can remember this is the first time in my 20 years of being alive that it's even gotten anything like this cold.

    I'm perfectly fine to cope with an average of just under 300 days of rain a year, but snow, ice, and temperatures much below freezing are rarities here.

  3. fair enough. it was actually a pretty big deal for us, too. we actually got more in the last few weeks than we did all of last winter - granted, that was a really mild winter, but it was still insane. they had to send out plows every few hours in the cities and ended up spending the whole season's budget for snow removal in days. this year's just had insane weather everywhere. we were hitting our highest recorded temperature in october and now are heading for record snowfall.

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