Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Everything Sux

Back already from the wondrous warmth of Spain and into the cold wetness that is the UK in January. It was an excellent week, but I still wish it could have gone on a little bit longer (or forever).

*random awesome SMBC comic from this week*
As well as the weather, I now also have the grim realisation that all that work I'd largely been ignoring while in Spain still needs to be done, and I'm now a week closer to all the deadlines than I was when I went away. I've got a project due in on Friday which I was given in November, so clearly I got it done and dusted long, long ago? Only a moron would have put it off for two months and then decided to do it in the last week?

It's actually a design project, so it's not too harsh to be doing it fairly late on, because it's not particularly difficult - I just spent a large portion of today drawing shit. I'd sort of been working on it mentally for a while; it's just I'd never actually started properly putting things together in a physical form until Monday.

It's weird to have sat in boats three times a day for pretty much a whole week and then have an entire 48 hours or so of not going so much as near a river, but that'll change tomorrow for Fairbairns. Which I know very little about because the website is apparently a pile of shit, and all the important pages which were working a week or so ago are no longer working. Looking forward to it, though I'll also be nervous as hell, because the prospect of crashing a boat containing four serious female rowers who are each significantly bigger than I am is always a scary one. My only real sadness about it is that I'll most likely be forced to miss the enthralling joys of unloading the trailer from camp and re-rigging all the boats, which is apparently also happening tomorrow afternoon.

MET seems to have taken something of a twist away from the batshit hectic timetable of last term into something a little bit more sensible. I still had a stupid Week Zero lab thing today, but that was mostly mucking about on a Mazak Integrex machine, which for an engineer is possibly one of the coolest pieces of equipment ever (basically you shove a lump of metal in, load the CAM program, and it'll blitz away and machine it into a proper thing in a flying mess of coolant fluid and metal swarf). I turned up late because the guy running it switched the times fairly late, and I got confused and ended up turning up early for the time I thought I was meant to be, but actually late for the time I was really meant to be. No harm done though, and we also managed to make the part we were supposed to without breaking the huge expensive piece of machinery.

Still, a timetable that includes 11am starts on Mondays and Fridays instead of 9am lectures is awesome. It probably won't result in lie-ins just because I'll almost certainly have some sort of rowing thing in the morning, but it will at least mean I won't have the ridiculous manic cycle from Downing boathouse to the IfM, which is pretty much the entire way across Cambridge, and is an utter pain to try and do quickly and during rush-hour in the morning.

Plus it seems that training camp has actually fixed my sleep schedule. I woke up at 8:45am this morning, and I actually got up rather than sleeping in for another two hours. I did sort of get up because I thought I had a lab at 9:45, but when I found it had been shifted back a couple of hours I didn't even go back to bed. I did actual work instead!

I give myself three more days before attempting to get up early every day and maintain a constant sleep schedule goes to shit and I'm back to erratic mixtures of long lie-ins and stupidly early morning outings.

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