Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Weekend In The City

Well, not quite a whole weekend. I was in London on Saturday for a rather random fansubbing meet-up of people who I've vaguely worked with and people who I've not worked with at all, but we were all roughly in the same place at the same time (and Dae has come over from Canadia) so we met up in London. It was nice to have a day out, and it was nice to actually go to London and be a tourist for the first time in ages, rather than having somewhere to actually be.

I've sort of neglecting writing posts somewhat, which isn't because there isn't crap to write about, because there's been shitloads of subject matter, it's more that I've not had the time. Basically because aside from spending Saturday in London my last week or so has been split between working like a bitch, rowing, being in a primary school and Helen's 21st.

The rowing was awesome, with both Robinson Head and Bedford Head (which was a lot of faff for such a short race, but was awesome) in one weekend. What with the multiple races and having to attach race numbers to my life jacket and bowman, I have learned a truth in life:

M2 won our category fairly comfortably in Robinson Head, W1 absolutely slaughtered the competition and M1 narrowly lost out to Queens. The results for Bedford Head were pretty much identical with the exception that for Bedford Head we were in the same race category as Sidney Sussex M1, who beat us by a handful of seconds.

We've not actually got our prizes yet for Robinson Head (not to my knowledge anyway), which is a bit annoying, though they're rumoured to be t-shirts anyway, which is a little bit shit unless they are spectacularly snazzy t-shirts. That doesn't really matter though, because our coach Andy somewhat foolishly promised to buy us each a beer for every M1 crew we beat, and I'm not quite sure he entirely thought the arithmetic through beforehand. Five M1 boats beaten for an VIII plus cox is forty-five beers, which is a lot of beer. And, absolute legend that he is, he was true to his word and we found 48 cans of beer in the changing rooms the next day.

Somewhere in between winning Robinson Head, finishing second only to an M1 crew at Bedford, and the fairly shite outing this morning (combination of no coach and Caius M2 being badgers), I've felt something of a dip in confidence, and I'm not really sure why. We'll see how things go for Pembroke Regatta this weekend, but things feel a little less confident, which probably isn't a bad thing for keeping us working hard.

Looking at results and the bumps charts, it seems fairly realistic that we can get M2 blades and go up three, but blades look a little bit impossible because we basically don't have enough crap to hit in front of us. Once we've gotten the three M2 boats down (and that's assuming we don't get screwed by results and have to row-over or overbump on one of the first three days) we're pretty much limited to hitting M1 crews, and they're all at roughly our pace or faster. We shall see though, because predicting bumps based on race times during term is usually somewhat like sticking a wet finger in the air and trying to predict the weather for tomorrow.

I spent almost all of yesterday at the primary school making model hutches with kids out of cardboard boxes and tubing and general scrap. It was pretty good fun actually, and I was actually pretty damn impressed with how some of the models turned out given these kids are 5-7 years old. There'll probably be pics on here at some point, but I can't be bothered uploading them right now.

One thing that did surprise me was that they were allowed to use hacksaws to cut up fairly solid pieces of tubing (the sort of stuff posters get delivered inside). Not the hacksaw equivalent of safety-scissors either - a proper junior hacksaw. I got put on hacksaw duty to make sure that fingers weren't lost, which basically meant holding down stuff while kids maniacally and frantically cut away at it with very little regard to anything in the world. I stand by what I said in my post last week about small children being scary.

I'll probably write a proper non-life-based post for this tomorrow, given that I finished my Industrial Economics paper a crapload faster than I was expecting to before I actually looked at it.

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