Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Business Time

Because you know when I'm down to just my socks, what time it is. It's business time.

My week of dossing off is over, and once I'm done making blog posts and references to epic Flight of the Conchords songs then I'll actually have to finally start getting some work done. Or I might just keep watching South Park and playing StarCraft. Who knows.

I went shopping earlier in the week in preparation for revision, buying crucial supplies such as pens and paper crisps and chocolate biscuits. I actually only went to grab a few things but ended up coming out with more stuff than I can even fit in my rucksack because things were on offer. There's so much confectionery in my room right now that even a fat girl whose boyfriend had just broken up with her would not be able to consume it all.

My entire Sunday (besides 7:00-8:30am for watching F1) was taken up by being in Henley for the Henley Boat Races, which was a pretty good day out, helped massively by the weather being pretty nice. Henley has always had this weird sort of mythical aura in my impression of it, as if it's the sort of place where crime and poverty don't exist because everyone there is so ridiculously upper-class and involved with rowing, and that anyone who hasn't rowed or at least attended an esteemed public school is not allowed to be there. My northern accent would be a liability and I could get removed from the town at a moment's notice for not being rah enough.

Obviously this isn't the case, but Henley didn't do any favours for itself, given that within five minutes of being there we'd already ended up queuing behind James Cracknell. And then we came across a bunch of chavs with pitbull terriers, and the magical world was shattered - normal people exist in Henley too.

Having to change into black tie in a toilet stall in Wetherspoon's shattered another dream of mine too. I'd expected that despite the awkwardness and faff of changing into a suit into a confined space, it'd still be awesome. You walk into the stall wearing normal clothes, and you walk out in black tie - very James Bond. Except I don't think James Bond forgets his cuff-links, and I don't think he typically has someone with the shits in the cubicle next to him. The experience was not quite what I'd hoped it would be.

The ball itself was fairly good, although I'd not brought that much money and the drinks were extortionate, so I ended up pretty stone-cold sober by the end of the evening. Still it was a good day, even though I was knackered by the end of it, without having even rowed.

My plans basically now solely consist of going into London with Nick on Thursday, and then going home for a few days the weekend after next, and then I have nothing until the exams. It's slightly unnerving that I can see my first exams on the upcoming appointments things in Outlook and on my iGoogle homepage. On the flip-side, it'll force me to write proper posts on here instead of just mindlessly rambling about what I've done in the last few days. Unless people really want to hear about how I just revised a bit and lazed about all day.

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