Saturday, 19 March 2011


Post title taken from the new Rise Against album, which is pretty good. Not as good as their best, but definitely strong and with some decent tracks in it.

Random FBF pic because I don't have anything particularly new or relevant to put here.

Lent term has finished, so there's now the sort of twilight in between where I feel like I can slack off, but can't because my exams are actually week 1 of Easter term, which has completely thrown my usual schedule off for this time of year. The plus side is obviously that they'll be out of the way, but the downside is that I have to basically spend the whole vacation working (or feeling like I should be working), which is actually going to be somewhat difficult. It's hard to get a good idea for how far away exams are when the entire period beforehand is just a series of mushy weeks where I don't have anything scheduled.

I was doing some vague groundwork for revision today, and drawing up something of a timetable and actually trying to get to grips with how long I've got (plus it's always nice to feel like you're doing something productive without actually doing any work) and realised that my standard revision plan is going to be utterly fucked over by the MET format. Usually I just take the past tripos papers for the last five or six years, go through some of the old ones in detail with notes, and then go through the more recent ones without notes, and then do last year's under exam conditions and see how I do. It might not be the most perfect way of revising, but it's worked well the last two years.

The issue I've got is that the MET course was totally reconfigured last year. The 2010 papers are the same style as the ones we'll be sitting, but all the ones before that are a different format, and the content isn't quite the same, meaning they're nowhere near as useful for revision as I'd prefer them to be, so I'll probably have to come up with some other way of revising. Unless they provide us with a bunch of sample papers, in which case I might just use them and it'll all be fine.

I'm staying in Cambridge over Easter to do this whole revision bollocks, except I can't stay in my room because it's one of the nicer ones in college and therefore gets whored out to conference guests to use. So tomorrow I've got to pack up all my stuff and move approximately 200m across the college to a different room, and then do the reverse in about five weeks' time. There are worse ways to spend a day, but it's still going to be a huge pain in the arse faff to do.

This weekend has been a bit weird too, because pretty much everyone has buggered off. I'm grateful for AOL being around and accompanying me to brunch and pub, because pretty much everyone else has either gone home or is away this weekend, and it's a bit quiet and strange. It basically meant that I got a ton of StarCraft II played today (and there's still hours left!), and I'm starting to actually feel reasonably competent at the game now. Watching a few Day9 dailies has definitely helped, and now that I understand what I should be doing, things are working fairly smoothly. It's still a multitasking nightmare, but I can get used to that with practice.

My revision schedule did at least throw up that I've got enough leeway to take a bit of a break before I start revising, which will be useful to sort out some of the Tetris league stuff, get some fansubbing work completed, and also just concentrate on a report I've got to write (which is only 1500 words, so shouldn't take more than a day or two). And of course time to write reasonably overdue blog posts.

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