Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lent Bumps - Day 1

All the excitement finally got unleashed today, with the start of bumps. I'd had a mixture of nerves and excitement through the morning (pretty much since the crew meal the night before) but marshalling and waiting for the starting gun I actually felt pretty calm, and nowhere near as nervous as I'd been beforehand.

Random non-rowing picture (courtesy of Muf):

Things went pretty much exactly how I'd predicted they would for M2 - we moved up on Caius M2, but LMBC M2 were too slow and so Caius bumped out and we were forced to row over. Mostly today just put any lingering nerves and doubts at ease for the rest of the week. There were no fuck-ups on our side, and no surprises from behind us either. I was somewhat worried just because of the lack of experience in the crew, and I thought that nerves could perhaps do a few people in, but it turned out not to be the case.

We got off to a smooth start, rowed away from Jesus M2 fairly comfortably, and look likely to bump on the next day, at the very least, and can hopefully move up two more on the final two days if results don't go against us. Being faster than the two boats behind us can give us a fairly big lift, because it means if we go up on Thursday then we shouldn't have anything to worry about chasing us, which simplifies race planning a lot because it means we can really just focus on what's ahead of us on the river.

W2 also did really well, bumping Sidney Sussex II before things even got going - apparently in the first 30-60 seconds (depending on who you believe). It'd be good to see them moving up through the division for the rest of the week.

Apparently my comments about the Newnham paint-job ruffled a few feathers in their college yesterday, so I apologise to Newnham if I in any way implied that they had no right to paint a public bridge (well, aside from it being against the law and stuff, but I don't really give a toss about that) or that their club are shit, which isn't true, and you can't blame current rowers particularly for them starting low down the start order. I'd only actually care or be indignant about anything if you'd painted over a brand new double-headship Downing paint-job, because then it would be a bit of a dick move, but the Queens' paint job had been there more than long enough. Mostly I'm just somewhat impressed and jealous at the whole bridge-painting escapade.

Also congrats on Newnham W2 for overbumping today, and doing a decent job of sending some rubbish down for Downing W2 to hopefully bump into over the next few days.

Oh yeah, and M3 got bumped today, but they're a lowerboat so we'll keep fairly quiet about them until they start doing well :x

Anyway, tomorrow is when the real event kicks off, and when things will finally become a little bit clearer for the first divisions, and who is actually most likely to be holding the headships on Saturday evening. I've got a crapload of work to do tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I'll still make the time to be on the river for the W1 and M1 divisions, because I really wouldn't want to miss it. At the very least it looks like it'll be a change from the dull row-overs at the top that have been the norm for the last couple of years.

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