Friday, 11 March 2011

Some Awesome Videos

I've had a busy week, and haven't really spent much of it doing anything blog-worthy or being on the internet enough to have much to comment on. Charlie Sheen finally got sacked from Two and a Half Men, and about fucking time really - I have no idea why he was getting $1.8million per episode for that show (and had the audacity to ask for a 50% raise about a month ago). I'm sure the porn-star and the model (two separate women) he's currently living with will keep him warm at night.

There's also the ridiculous earthquake and resultant tsumani in Japan right now, but there's not really much to comment on that other than holy shit, the pictures and videos coming out just look insane. Literally entire housing estates just being washed along across farmland by the water. Even for a country used to earthquakes, the level of devastation from the tsunami is just massive.The death toll is already at 300, and I hope it doesn't get much higher, but I really can't imagine it's going to stay that low. Thoughts go out to the people out there.

Anyway, because I can't be arsed writing a wordy post, I'm instead going to do a cop-out post containing a shitload of videos that I've seen recently, or which I've actually seen ages ago but haven't put on the blog yet, and think are worth spreading. So yes, some of these are OLD, but IMO they're good enough to watch again.

First off, an absolutely insane video I saw yesterday, courtesy of Peter, of this downhill urban mountain-bike time trial thing. Go figure Red Bull have a hand in the sport, but unlike the standard extreme affairs such as Crashed Ice, this is a far less professional affair. There aren't fancy purpose-built sections of the course, the majority of it is just tape and ramps made out of big pieces of plywood. It's almost the sort of thing you could just make yourself if you had a bit of spare time and a disregard for serious injury. It is mental:

Some of the gaps he flies through don't even seem wide enough to fit through, and the bit down the series of steps around a minute in is just insane.

Next one, sticking with the DIY urban extreme sports theme, is a montage of a few parkour guys in Cambridge. I swear this has already been posted on my blog, but I can't seem to find it, so I guess I just linked it around to a few people. It's reasonably old, but I actually first saw this last summer, not long after the video was posted. It's also a bitch to find because the video title is just the band and track title of the background music, and has no mention to anything you'd actually search for - I had a hard time re-finding it even when I was looking for it. The fact that this video still has two million views even with the retarded title is something of a pointer to how good it is.

What I think I like more than anything is the fact that it's such a well-edited video given that it's not professionally made or anything. Most of these sorts of vids are fairly rough, but this has had proper care gone into it. Trying to figure out where everything is probably adds a decent amount onto it as well.

A short one, courtesy of Craig Sawyer, titled "Cat Laser Bowling". Pretty self-explanatory really...

The tea-towel is the best touch in my opinion.

One that's a little bit more artsy, but really fucking cool:

These are the sorts of videos that really drill home just how far video editing software has come in the last decade or so. Not long ago this sort of video would be limited pretty much to fairly big-budget advertising campaigns, and now you can get these sorts of results from a group of people basically doing this sort of thing in their spare time.

Video of the fairly recent Tetris 40 Lines world record:

Apologies to Rob Clarke, and anyone else who thought it was me when I posted it on Facebook, but this definitely isn't me playing - I'm disappointingly nowhere near that sort of speed. Not a billion miles away, but definitely not that rapid. Four and a half pieces a second is just ridiculous, and I'm generally doing well if I can get up towards three.

Another set of videos which I think are funny, but can't embed here irritatingly, are a bunch from the Adam and Joe show, which are basically parodies of famous films, but using cuddly toys. My personal favourite is Saving Private Lion, but they are all extremely funny if you've seen the film they're parodying.

So, cheap and cheerful minimum-effort blog post. If people have video suggestions, then link/email/IM me them, and I'll either add them here or make a second post some time in the future when I again can't be arsed doing a proper post.

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