Wednesday, 6 April 2011

OMG A Post!

I've been really busy lately with revision (like, actually), StarCraft, generally being outside because the weather has been awesome and finding somewhere to live for next year. There was mild sort of unease because people seem to have mostly found places and we don't have anywhere, but we actually spoke to estate agents and the Cambridge accommodation service today, and their view seemed to be that we were still a bit early if anything, and everything is cool.

So to start, a random and fairly old SMBC comic, because I'm running out of SFW images in my hilarity folder, and this is one of my favourites:

Awesome news today, linked to me by AOL, with the announcement that Glenn Beck's show is being dropped. If FOX could get Bill O'Reilly and Anne Coulter off the airwaves now, then I'd actually maybe start having some respect for them. Except not really, because the only reason they're actually pulling their bigoted right-wing crazy people off the TV is because the sponsors won't accept to associated with them, not because they're bigoted and crazy. Still, right result for the wrong reasons is better than the wrong result in my books.

I got shown more awesome politically-related stuff today by Peter, in the form of a fantastic rap about Andrew Lansley's plans for the NHS:

This is one of the examples I'd pick to anyone who dismisses rap in whole as a genre. Same sort of deal with punk rock. Sure, it's nicked the riff from House of the Rising Sun, and the chorus is a bit dumb, but the lyrics are well-written, clever, and they make more of a point than 99% of the music out there in the world. If you've got shit to say, it's a pretty good way to say it.

I'm going home for the weekend on Friday, so might get some stuff written up on the train on my netbook, or I might just watch some videos. Not sure what day I'll be coming back, probably depends on how I feel and how much stuff I can be doing. It'd be nice to stay until Wednesday because it's my pa's birthday on Tuesday, but given that being there on his actual birthday isn't a huge deal when we're going out on Sunday night, and nobody will actually be around during the day I might just come back home on Monday. Plus I can apparently move back into my room from Wednesday, which is something I'd like to get out of the way as soon as possible.

The UK Riichi Mahjong Open for 2011 has been announced, and I've signed up for it. There were still only 48 places or so, and they seem to have gone pretty damn quickly. It's on the 25th of June, which is the final day of NPR not counting grad week, so it'll mean I'll either have to get the extended leave for grad week (which is probably what I'll do) or somehow clear out my room the day before and go home, and then travel the entire length of the country the next day.

I should also be booking flights to the Eindhoven tetris meet in July, which is going to be absolutely awesome, but I'm still monitoring the prices on EasyJet. It's only going to be around £50 return anyway, but they seem to be fluctuating a fair bit, and they're already £5 cheaper than they were a week ago. There are also now plans for what I'm doing over the summer (inter-railing around Europe, basically), which I'm pretty excited about, and it's nice that shit's actually starting to come together.

Except for exams in three weeks. They can sod off.

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