Friday, 20 May 2011

More Epic Videos From The Internet

Or, as an alternative title for this post (and all others like it), "Embedding YouTube videos is way easier than typing actual content".

This first one is not pretty. If you have any respect for Mark Webber, and would like to keep that respect, don't watch it.

If Mark held any sort of dreams of some sort of stage or singing career once he's retired from Formula One, then I think this may have trashed them somewhat.

This next video was posted by Piran on Facebook, and it is #438 on the list of things that Red Bull have sponsored that are absolutely fricking awesome.

In the first thirty seconds of that video, watching people zoom round the tiny tiny velodrome, my thought was "that looks dangerous... don't they fall off?". The answer is yes. Yes they do. It's a cool concept, and looks like it'd be pretty fun to watch or try out. Plus the video has some pretty awesome people like Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill in it.

The final vid is something most people will (and should) have seen already, but I've found over the last few months that there are plenty of people who haven't, so I'm posting it as a sort of personal indulgence because it was probably my highlight of YouTube last year.

Last summer there was a video that got fairly viral of a news broadcast reporting an attempted rape, with the seriousness of the report broken somewhat by a rant in the middle by the guy's sister, called Antoine Dodson.

The video itself is fairly funny, but nowhere near as good as a the remix by Auto-Tune the News:

In some ways it's a damning criticism of the entire music industry that a handful of people can take a YouTube video, remix and auto-tune it, and produce a song that's better than the majority of mainstream R&B and rap music out there.

I saw Reel Big Fish at The Junction last term, and they were good, and they had a band called Suburban Legends as one of their many support acts. I'm not particularly a fan of them, because their songs and on-stage routines are a bit too High School Musical for my liking, but they did do a ska-punk cover of the Bed Intruder song and their set was fantastic just for that alone.

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