Saturday, 7 May 2011

Royal Wedding & Birthday

So apparently there was a Royal Wedding last Friday. For the most part it utterly, completely passed me by. Pretty much the entire country had a day off so everyone could watch it. I had an exam, because Cambridge just doesn't give a fuck about bank holidays. If it wasn't for the fact that the shops close early I wouldn't even be aware they existed. Still, I wasn't too annoyed I missed the royal wedding, because despite the razzmatazz and the fancy hats it was still a wedding, and weddings are fucking boring

I would almost go as far to say that weddings are possibly the most dull and unexciting ceremonies I've ever had to go to on a semi-frequent basis. I've had vector calculus lectures that were more enthralling than any wedding I've been to. And if you include the party stuff afterwards they take up pretty much the entire bloody day.

I've probably got somewhat of a skewed view of them, given that I've only really been to weddings of extended family, so for the most part it's a bunch of relatives I see fairly often, a bunch I don't, and then a whole ton of people who I've never met in my life. Usually the only person there who is even remotely my age is my sister, and while I appreciate that being married is a ~big event~ and stuff, it still bores the crap out of me.

Maybe they're awesome when they're your friends and you know most of the people there, but I've yet to experience that yet. And either way that isn't applicable to the Royal Wedding because regardless of who you know, I can't see much aside from the party afterwards being anything but boring as hell.

So yeah, I didn't watch it because of my exam, which was probably a more entertaining way to spend my time than if I had watched it, because the only enjoyment anyone seemed to take out of it, that being the fancy dresses and shoes, doesn't really float my boat. Except for the Queen, but only because it was funny.

It was also my birthday on Thursday, though aside from the dozens of Facebook messages and birthday cards that largely slipped me by. I had an exam in the morning, and I had an exam the next day, so I spent most of it working. Plus most of the presents I got were money, which is cool because I could do with some for stuff, but meant I didn't really get much in the way of objects so it didn't quite hit home the birthday aspect.

Still, exams are over, meaning I no longer have to participate in all of the craziness that is Cambridge during exam term. I just get to relax, cox and work on our project (which, to be fair, is going to be a shitload of work). And wait frigging ages for the exam results to get published.

So yeah, last week has been a bit crap and a bit work-centric, but today was a pretty good day and the rest of the weekend is looking to be fairly nice too.

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