Saturday, 18 June 2011

May Bumps 2011 - Day 3

Today was something of a mixed bag for M2. We rowed over behind Robinson, losing our chance for blades, and the general feeling after the race was mostly one of disappointment and depression of having not hit them. We were a canvas off their stern for pretty much the entire duration of the reach and just couldn't quite rally that extra bit more to go for the kill. And to their credit, Robinson did a fucking good job of holding us at that distance for as long as they did. For every push we made, they had it in them to respond. In many ways it wasn't the failure that hurt, but the fact that we'd come so close to success and missed by literally a matter of inches. It was a hard-fought race in which we came close, and showed we were faster, but not fast enough.

Still, after a bit more time and proper reflection we're still in great shape for the week, and I've had easily taken moving up two in the first three days on Wednesday morning. Blades are fairly luck-based in bumps racing unless you really are miles faster than the crews around us, and as a second boat surrounded by first boats that was clearly never going to be the case. As Al said after we got back, the fact that we were disappointed at not being able to bump a fairly solid M1 crew is a good enough show of how much we've come along over the last few weeks.

We're still in awesome shape for the week, and Robinson had the graciousness of sending FaT II down into the second division for us tomorrow. They could really have fucked things up for us tomorrow if they'd rowed over, because we'd basically be faced with another tough day trying to hit them at the head of the division, with the added complication of Girton I behind us being fairly quick. As it stands at the moment, we should be quick enough to hit FaT II before Girton give us any trouble so long as we're relatively clean off the start, so it's still looking pretty promising for a good week and +3, which is a great result considering where we are. And if we do hit FaT II and get to be the sandwich-boat and row in the first division, then we'll see where we can get in the final race of the week. One bump away from the first division, from handing FaT II spoons, and from denying Girton blades. Bring it on.

W1 were boring and rowed over and, major strokes of bad luck and twists of fate aside, it seems fairly likely that they'll secure the double headship tomorrow. M1 managed to bump up to 2nd on the river, behind Caius. It would be unbelievably sweet if we could blade to headship and take it from them on the final day, in the exact same manner they did to us in Lents, and I really hope that it's a hell of a fight at the top of the division. Even if we don't quite make it, then we've still put ourselves into second place for both Mays and Lents, and in a really good position to have a go next year.

Really looking forward to tomorrow, and even if things don't quite go how they ideally would for M1 and M2, it's still been a strong week and should be a great evening. Bring on tomorrow, and bring on Sunday.

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