Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Eindhoven 2011: Ready, GO!

Tomorrow I set off for just under a week-long TetrisConcept meet in Eindhoven. I've decided to take a break from non-nerdy activities like an Engineering degree and playing StarCraft II to go to a good ol' fashioned Tetris LAN party (it's not really a LAN party, but it's close enough) in Eindhoven at the ch√Ęteau de muf. Thanks to EasyJet being obscenely cheap, it's actually costing me less in transport than the one in London a couple of years back.

It's not quite up to the level of DreamHack as such parties go, but I'm still massively excited. Out of the handful of TGM players that are going, there's Kevin, the USA #1, and Jago, the French and probably European #1. And me, not quite in the same league, but with the fastest Death Gm time there, and the third best player going.

With TGM being an arcade game, it's naturally fucking expensive. TGM1 is around £100, TGM2+ around £300 (I think?), and TGM3 would set you back at least £800, maybe more. This means, as a lazy student who has neither the funds to buy this stuff, nor the work ethic to build a supergun/cabinet and all the stuff needed to actually get an arcade game to work, I don't actually own these games, and I'm stuck with emulation and clones. Given the current set of things set to be there are approximately two of each game (I forget exactly), I'm pretty hyped just because it's a chance to actually play the real thing for once. It would be the case that I'd be aiming to set personal records because the real games have less input lag than the emulators, but the real games also require you to use a joystick instead of a keyboard, and I suck hard when using a joystick.

For people who really have nothing better to do over the next week or so (and TC guys who won't be there I guess), there should be cameras set up and streaming (from Thursday at least), on http://www.justin.tv/mufunyo (password will be either 'voidray' or 'tetrisconcept'). Not promising anything noteworthy though, except glimpses of how shit I am when not having the sort of flukey awesome run that ends up on YouTube.

It'll also be awesome to meet all the guys in Eindhoven I've been playing SC2 with over the last couple of months, because the last time (and first time) I met them (except Roel and muf) was September 2009, which is frickin ages ago. Also there'll be the British Grand Prix, and it's predicted to rain over the weekend, so that could be epic.

I'll have my laptop and internet, so there may be some sort of post in the middle of the week. If not, then there'll probably be a post on Tuesday when I get back.

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  1. Yes, definitely a break from the non-Nerdy. Go Leonard... Sorry, a bit mean but I'm testing that firefox does a better commenting job - and it does. Also, I said Leonard not Sheldon...