Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Golden Power Eindhoven TC Meet 2011

I actually got back from the Netherlands on Monday evening, but I'm lazy so this is a little delayed. To be honest, there's not a huge amount to really say about the meet other than I massively enjoyed it, and it was really good to meet people. We've managed to generate an absolute fuckload of video from the web stream, which features fairly large amounts of profanity, and a lot of fairly random late-night energy-drink-fuelled chat. Zircean's man-boobs got a five minute conversation, and he wasn't even there.

I'd already met muf and Kevin before, but this was my first time meeting Kevcel, Steadshot and Jago. Meeting Jago was especially cool, because he's pretty much the only major European player I'd yet to meet in person, and he's ridiculously good at TGM and TAP. Kevin is impressively quick, but his play style doesn't have quite the same amount of elegance and finesse to it, and it's far closer to mine. Watching Jago is just spectacular because he is just that much better than I am in the tekkers department. Plus I can remember a time when I was way better than Kevin, whilst Jago has always been one of the top three western TGM players ever since I started player.

Plus he made delicious Tetris cookies!

I didn't set any brilliant records, and spent most of the time being fairly sucky because I'm horribly out of practice with a joystick (not that I was ever particularly in-practice to begin with). Plus there's only so much that crappy energy drinks can do to help once you've been playing for a couple of hours.

The set-up was really good, there was decent sleeping space in muf's house, and to be honest I think it'd be hard to find a better location. Eindhoven is pretty easy to get to from most places, and unless we needed to house way more people I doubt we'd need to shift to somewhere else. It also helps that muf has most of the technical stuff, which means people don't have to faff lugging monitors, PCBs and other crap halfway across Europe. Bring on 2012! :D

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