Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Fourth Year

I was sort of vaguely aware that I've not actually written a blog post in a while. I've got a few I've been half-writing that are unfinished at the moment, so it doesn't feel like I've neglected this thing too much, but then my pa brought it up in an email and I also noticed that Anna Railton was also massively out-posting me, so I figured I should get off my arse and write some shit down.

There main reason I've not written much recently is pretty much that I've not done much recently. I've moved into our new house in Cambridge and pimped out my room a bit, but really there has been very little interesting going on in my life and I've sort of burned all that out over the summer. We have a PS3 in our house now, so that's been getting a fair bit of attention (not to mention nostalgia gaming on the PS2 and N64), as has StarCraft II. Usually I'd feel fairly crappy about just whittling time away doing sweet fuck-all in this sort of manner, but the rough MET IIB timetable has been put up on Camtools, and it's totally killed any regret for not doing much the last few weeks.

In short, the timetable is absolutely fucking ridiculous. People following this or who have spoken to me in person recently will probably know I've got like 14 weeks of work placements outside of Cambridge. In itself I'm not actually that bothered by this - it'd be nice if they gave us more info on what the hell it actually involves and where we'll be (heck, I'd take any info at the moment), and it's more the amount of time I'll be away from Cambridge that I'm actually unhappy about, because it kills any chances of doing coxing or any of that jazz for my final year.

But I'm fine with the placements. What I'm significantly less fine with is the rest of the timetable, which basically involves 9am-5pm lectures every day. Except Wednesdays, when we apparently get a half-day. This is ridiculous to the point where my first reaction to seeing it on the calendar was "that's a mistake". No course has 36 hours of lectures a week. That's just mental. Hell, on one week we've even got 9-5 marked down for Saturday and Sunday.

And this shit starts on Monday. This Monday. Monday 26th September. A good week and a day before Cambridge full term actually starts. And we have a three-day placement the week after that (i.e. freshers week). And we apparently don't finish until Friday 9th December, which is again a week after Cambridge term ends. And we apparently have either 31 hours of lectures or work placements every week for the entire ten weeks?

I still reckon that there's just something of a misunderstanding over this, and despite what people have apparently been told it just means that we have lectures scattered around the 9-5 time period rather than filling the whole block. I feel it has to be because I just don't see how the hell we can actually have all of that, and have examples papers and project write-ups and not die before the middle of November. I mean, such a heavy work-load might help prepare us for the working life and all that jazz, but you generally don't come home from work with more work to do. And you also get paid.

So yeah, I'm doing as much as I can this week to avoid anything that even resembles work, because I may cease having any sort of life for ten weeks starting Monday. Still, if it turns out it's apparently true, then MET should be a popular course once the £9k fees are introduced. You'll certainly be getting your money's worth.


  1. I liked the last sentence - 3.5k clearly represents excellent value.

  2. Flipping heck! All the 4th year engineers I know never did that much! And how am I out posting you? :D

  3. Because in the three weeks before yesterday I'd scraped out one measly post, and you'd managed like three huge ones! :P