Friday, 21 October 2011

Winter Is Coming

In the last couple of weeks the temperature has randomly flipped from being record-breakingly hot for October into proper winter cold. As usual, the temperature itself in Cambridge isn't actually that cold, but there's an arctic wind that makes it pretty chilly once you get outside.

Today was the first day we bothered to turn the central heating on in the house, which in one sense was as simple as flicking a switch to turn the heating on instead of just the hot water, but in another sense was confusing as hell because nothing about the heating system makes sense. It doesn't help that we have an absolutely ancient boiler (with the bizarre name of "Ideal Mexico Super"), but our main issue is that we have no clue how the thermostat works.

The thermostats is in the same little cupboard-room thing as the boiler. This room doesn't have a radiator and has the boiler in it, meaning that the temperature in there has basically no relation to the temperature in the rest of the house, so first off we have no idea how exactly it's meant to judge when the heating should be on or off. The range on the thermostat also apparently goes from -5 to +10C, which has us totally baffled because that's pretty far from the range of temperatures we'd actually like the house to be, so even assuming the sodding thing works we have no idea where to set it.

Today was a fairly packed day as far as my course went, with us having to give a presentation in the morning and having an exam worth 5% of our year in the afternoon. Back in first or second year I would have been completely bricking it this morning. Because we've had lectures all week we've had no real time to do any revision (plus the course material isn't particularly revise-able anyway), and our presentation wasn't that brilliantly prepared either. Despite this my main thought this morning was that our exam was going to finish at 3pm when our lectures typically finish at 5pm, meaning fuck yeah the weekend starts two hours earlier. I'd probably have cared more if there presentation was formally assessed, or if everyone else wasn't also completely unprepared for the exam, but as it turned out both went OK. The questions didn't require a huge amount of memorisation from the lecture material, and I'd been present and awake for all of them (the latter being difficult sometimes) which pretty much seemed to be as much preparation as you needed.

I'm starting a two-week placement at Bosch in Stowmarket on Monday. Initially we were going to have a ~90 minute commute from Cambridge every day, but some of the other people on the placement complained a bit and we're now staying in a hotel for the two weeks, aside from being home at the weekend. I was fairly indifferent to the situation. I'm not a huge fan of a long commute, but I also quite like having housemates and a PS3 and a decent computer in the evenings. The project itself looks like a fair bit of work, though it's hard to really judge until we actually go.

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  1. This weekend is going to mess up your boiler setting because it sounds like it's going to get warm again. Hot to cold and back to hot.

    From Aston Martin to ATCO - a bit of a comedown methinks, or are you going to tell us that ATCO make the Vanquish of lawn mowers?

    As far as stopping over is concerned I'd sooner do that with a full english in the morning that a dreary commute I have to say. But then I don't play PS3...

    Finally, a word of advice - DON'T FORGET YOUR SHOES THIS TIME! Sorry to shout.