Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Holiday Period

I was back home last week for the festive period. It was nice to see family and be home for a little bit, and it's also nice to be back in Cambridge now. I didn't so much enjoy the travelling though.

What I learnt on my way back up North was that the buses in Cambridge are absolutely shite. I've heard rumour and anecdotes from friends about how shit they are but I've never really used them much because I tend to walk/cycle everywhere. I've also never used them for something where it was crucial I arrived at a certain place at a certain time.

I took the bus to the train station because I live on the complete opposite side of the city, and was taking a pretty large 10kg holdall home with some clothes and a laptop and some other crap in it, and wasn't particularly keen trying to cycle with it. I arrived at the bus stop about five minutes early for a bus that should have gotten me to the station with around half an hour to spare. I figure this is reasonable, given the buses run every twenty minutes and the journey itself is only meant to take around 15-20 minutes as well. I thought I was playing it safe. Apparently not, because not only did I have to wait 23 minutes for the next bus to arrive, but it didn't even go the whole way along the route and I had to change in the city centre and wait for a different bus.

So this meant I was late at the station. I missed the train I was intending to get, and more importantly I missed the off-peak time for travelling through London, meaning I either couldn't go through London or I had to pay an extra £100 for the peak ticket. So yeah, the day sort of backed up my existing preconception that buses are completely balls.

Christmas was standard - I got the handful of fairly inexpensive things I'd asked for and a fair bit of dosh, ate lots of food, and most of my extended family had too much wine and there were a lot of dumb arguments around the table. I also won at Pictionary.

And that was Christmas. I got the train home with a now even heavier bag, and felt ill almost the whole way back. Plus the train from Wigan to London was absolutely rammed and I was really lucky to manage to find a seat.

New Year's was pretty good fun, with me and my housemates going out to the pub for a bit, before proceeding to go to a house party where only Nick was really that friendly with the people who lived there, and we didn't really know most of the people there. But it was fun anyway. And I kicked off the new year having to go for a pee in our back garden because the house only has one toilet, which was being hugged fairly hard by a housemate and I figured that moving him was probably not a wise idea.

Typically for the first blog post of the year I make some sort of attempt at posting New Year's Resolutions, but I can't really be bothered with that this year. They're a fairly pointless thing and nobody actually remembers their resolutions past maybe the second week in January. They are essentially a list of things people would like to do but have already sort of resigned themselves to the fact that they're probably not going to do them.

I had to look at the blog post for last year to find out what my resolutions were, and it turns out I actually managed to accomplish a fair number of them, although completely without the recollection that I'd resolved to do them a year ago.
(EDIT: Turns out when I read it properly I didn't make any last year either. Though I did do a decent job of managing to accomplish crap I intended to do in 2010. Only took me two years to get around to it.)

Whilst I can't be bothered with annual resolutions, I do have a few things that I really want to get done before I leave for training camp (10th Jan), namely getting job applications sorted, completing Batman: Arkham Asylum (which is an awesome game), and finishing all the series that I'm currently halfway through watching and haven't gotten around to wrapping up yet. Those being in rough descending order of importance, and also in rough descending order of how likely they actually are to happen.

As much as I've slowed down on the blogging front, I still managed to get 77 written last year, which still averages above one a week (though if I'd not clocked up a load inter-railing that probably wouldn't be the case). I also recently breezed through my 200th blog post without noticing, so I guess that's something of a milestone too.

Anyway, to people reading this I hope you all have a good 2012 and all the best et cetera.

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  1. Christmas in two and a half lines. Like it. It was a very standard Christmas.