Sunday, 3 March 2013


The last nine months or so have not been the first time that I've not made posts to this thing in a while, but they are almost certainly the longest drought. And after every drought, I'll make a post coyly suggesting that I might make more posts on here, but not promising anything. Well not this time. This time I'm promising stuff. Maybe I'll have to handcuff myself to the desk until I write something (like that would help - I'd still be able to Facebook and play DotA perfectly fine), but more posts will get written.

It's kind of neat that since I stopped posting people have actually picked up on it - it kind of showed to me that people did actually read it. Or maybe they had just noted that it was no longer getting spammed on their Facebook pages and were actually commenting in a "Oh, you've finally decided to give up that rubbish thing?". I don't know.

I mostly stopped writing regularly because Uni life started getting way too hectic. And then a whole bunch of things happened that I wanted to write about (the UK Tetris Open and my trip to Korea, amongst others), but I had too much on at the time to do it, and then three or four weeks later it seemed like the time had gone.

The main problem I have at the moment, or have had for the last few months, is that I feel that the only interesting things going on in my life revolve around relationship stuff and personal feelings (which I won't talk about publicly on here because I don't want to), or my job.

I love my job, and it is something I genuinely find interesting and would love to bore people at length with. I attempt to do science, and that itself is typically interesting* and has a lot of cool aspects to it.

Add an oversized lab coat and this is basically my weekday life

The main issue with my job is that it's all commercially sensitive and covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements and such, and therefore I'm not allowed to talk about it. Or not to any level of detail that would actually be interesting. It also means that my nan thinks that I work developing weaponry (I don't) and that's why I can't talk about it, because she apparently doesn't understand any other reason why I'd have to be so secretive.

So yeah, maybe in two or three years when things I've worked on start getting released to market (or the projects are so dead nobody cares any more), I'll have a ton of interesting shit* that I can talk about, but that's a while off yet. But until then the fact is that I spend 45 hours a week doing something that produces next to zero potential content for this blog.

The reason I'm restarting this right now is that I go to CeBIT next week, which should have a ton of interesting things*, as well as the Intel Extreme Masters World Champs. And then a couple of weeks later I go to Barcelona with my parents (yay for holidays where I don't have to pay for everything!). Both I expect should give me some cool photos and stuff to write about, and hopefully spurn a bit of activity here.

As for beyond that, I don't know. I've recently bought a Kindle and actually started reading again, so there are things I'd potentially like to comment on there. If nothing else, I might use this to start doing things that I'd quite like to do but never actually bother with - like proper cooking/baking, maybe getting out a bit more, and all that sort of thing.

So this time, I'm committing to writing more stuff for this again. I'm not committing to what I write actually being any good, or worth reading, but eh, that's not my problem anyway.

As an aside, I'd also like to work on a new theme, because the banner is old and I'm feeling sensible enough to switch from the dodgy white-on-black theme I used to have. I'll probably slowly get around to it, but if anyone wants to help me on that and/or create graphics, I'd appreciate the support.

*May not actually be interesting to anyone who isn't me

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